Art History Notes

Art History - background notes for school teachers

Art history is an important element of the art education of children because it explains why artists do what they do. Here you’ll find biographies of many famous artists, e.g. Picasso and Frida Kahlo and brief histories of many art movements such as Fauvism, Post Impressionism and Expressionism, amongst others.

The following art histories will be relevant to students, particularly those studying GCSE and ‘A Level’ Art courses. Teachers teaching art in primary / elementary schools will find the information useful as background knowledge when teaching art.

Art Movements

Art history knowledge enhances art teaching because it brings art to life. Art teachers will find lots of interesting stuff about art movements, their aims, achievements and how they influenced art history in general. Typical paintings from the art movements are also provided.

Some children feel apprehensive in art lessons because they feel they haven’t the ability. Prove them wrong with great tips from these articles.