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Are you new to teaching art, or an experienced teacher working in a primary / elementary school with responsibility for art? You might find the advice on ‘How to Organise an Art Lesson, or guidelines for new art co-ordinators useful. Perhaps you are looking for advice on how to teach a series of lessons on Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso? Or simply looking for inspiration to make your art lessons more creative or your art teaching more imaginative. There’s lots of articles here to enhance art education in your school.

Are you an experienced Art Teacher?

Do you have any great advice or tips about art education or teaching art you would like to share? Have you taught art in primary, middle, high or secondary schools, do have any great advice that would be useful to inexperienced colleagues or those new to the teaching profession? If you have, and are willing to pass on your expertise, send me the information and I’ll publish it here, with suitable acknowledgements.

6 year old painting


Are you a primary/elementary school teacher who has to teach art lessons, but you are not an art specialist? Have you just been appointed art co-ordinator or art lead? Have you just started teaching and art a bit daunted by the fact you have to teach an art lesson? If any of the answers to these questions is yes, you need to read the ... Read More
17 Oct 2017Paul Priestley
I can’t draw, YES you can


During my time as an art teacher and later, when I ran my own company providing art workshops in school, the thing I came across in every classroom I visited was the phrase, ‘I can’t draw’. As a result of this phrase being uttered, the child would often produce little, or create with such little interest nothing much was created, or simply give up. ... Read More
22 Sep 2017Paul Priestley


A discussion you may have with young people How often have we heard someone dismiss a piece of art because it doesn’t look real? It is almost as if a work of art has to conform to a given set of visual rules before it can be accepted as art in some people’s eyes. It seems that this means of judging art stems from the premise that ... Read More
05 Feb 2017Paul Priestley



Creative Drawing

Drawing is the the fundamental basis of all art forms including painting; drawing an object lets us understand it, know it and learn more about it’s structure, not to mention how light falls upon it and plays tricks with our perception. Picasso used to say, ‘ I do not paint what I see I paint what I know.’ ‘Knowing’ an object well allows us to depict it in a way that ... Read More
03 Feb 2017Paul Priestley