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Teaching Art in School?

Classroom Teaching Videos

At Artist in School, we understand the importance of teaching art and the pressure art education is under, so we have designed our Famous Artist videos for showing to primary (elementary) and secondary school children in the UK. And they are FREE!
(Please Note: some jurisdictions may have tighter restrictions on what can and can’t be shown. If in doubt, view the video before using in school.)

Our inspiring Famous Artist educational videos cover the dramatic episodes of the artist’s lives exploring their motivations, influences and achievements in a manner suitable for this age group. The videos should provide a brilliant compliment to art lessons.

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Imagine an art day in your primary school, or an art lesson in your secondary school, being inspired with an Artist in School, Famous Artist video. Children will be thrilled to learn insights into the life of an artist, gain a greater understanding of the artist’s work and understand why the artist created the paintings and drawings they did.

Suitably inspired, imagine what your children or students could then go on to create.

Which Famous Artist will inspire your Children?

Try our Films of these Famous Artists

Life of Van Gogh - the film
Claude Monet Film

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What is Art

You need a Brilliant Art Video to inspire your Children

Try our Famous Artist Videos – the life of a great artist in 35 minutes

TRY our 10 Facts about Famous Artists – just 10 minutes long – They are FREE

Try our ‘How to Draw’ and ‘How to Paint ‘ Videos – They are FREE too

Energise your Art Workshops

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With our Classroom Teaching Videos

Are you teaching children about one of the famous artists? Our famous artist videos give your children insights into the artist’s motivations, influences and their techniques in a safe and age appropriate way.
Art education has never been such fun.

Let's get to know each other

Paul Priestley

My Expertise

My name is Paul Priestley and I taught art in schools for 25 years, after leaving teaching, I decided to run my own business creating the lives of artists and delivering art workshops in schools. Demand soon outstripped my ability to fulfill it.

With a new studio, coupled with a fascination for videography, the solution to my problem became obvious. I began to create videos of Famous Artists that could be shown in primary / elementary, middle, high and secondary schools

Teachers, the Famous Artists are coming to your school.

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