Drawing / Painting Tutorials

Teach Children to Draw and Paint with our Easy Drawing Tutorials

Below are a small sample of our art tutorials such as ‘How to Draw’ and ‘How to Paint’ art videos I have available for use in schools on my YouTube Channel.

These art tutorials are aimed at children, students and beginners. They explain basic drawing and painting techniques in simple, step by step methods. Even the least artistic or creative individual will follow them with ease and produce really successful drawings.

Take a look at examples of children’s work based on my online art tutorial videos here. All my easy art tutorial videos are freely available for you and the children of your school to watch. My easy drawing art tutorials will help children learn new drawing and painting skills. As a result, students will draw and paint in more interesting and imaginative ways.

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A sample of our How to Draw and How to Paint Art Tutorials available

Find many more easy drawing tutorials for beginners and painting videos on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/paulpriestleyart Everything you need to improve the art education and art skills of the children in your school.

If you want to enhance your art lessons with videos about famous artists such as; Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and others, checkout my art history YouTube Channel; youtube.com/arthistoryschool

Check out my YouTube Channel for more easy drawing and painting tutorials designed for beginners and children
Alternatively, you can see all my drawing and painting tutorials at paulpriestleyart.com