What is Art?

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A Simple Guide to Art

What is Art

What is Art?

Does Art reflects life? Like life it can be wonderful, frustrating, beautiful or ugly, uplifting and challenging. Is art simply what artists produce? Is a nail the same as a sculpture because they are both man-made?

Who creates it?

Artists; those oddball characters like Michelangelo, who lay on their backs for years painting a ceiling, or chop up a cow Damien Hirst and call it art, or even cut off their own ear as Van Gogh did in the pursuit of creating art.

But there is so much more to it than that!

  • What about Creativity? Inspiration and Virtuosity?
  • Art, intrinsically, is worth nothing, but can sell for millions
  • A nail and a sculpture, both are man-made- one is called art one isn’t, why?
  • Why do we fill galleries full of art?

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