Picasso Lesson Plan

Pablo Picasso - the life of an artist

10 Facts you did not know about Pablo Picasso

This art video of Pablo Picasso’s life is filmed in HD quality and lasts for around 9 minutes. It covers the important aspects of Picasso’s life and discusses some of his paintings. Showing this art tutorial would be an ideal start to your Picasso Project.

Inspire your children

Start your art day with our art video of the life of one of the world’s greatest artists, Pablo Picasso. Let your children discover what motivated and inspired him, what drove him to reinvent modern art, create cubism and paint Guernica and why he became a world famous artist. Art teaching has never been so exciting.

The video will keep your children enthralled and engaged throughout its 13 minute length. My experience tells me the video is appropriate for Year 2 ( 6 to 7 year olds) and above, but the final decision rests with you, the teacher.

Teachers Please Note

At Artist in School we value the role of art education in schools, but understand that some famous artists produced controversial art works and led far from ‘normal’ lives. For this reason, in my videos, aspects of the artist’s lives may have been simplified, amended or exaggerated to make their stories accessible to kids. Paul, Artist in School make every effort to create accurate interpretations of each artist’s life – we accept no responsibility for the consequences of any factual inaccuracies.

Pablo Picasso Art Resources for Teachers

Reluctant Artists?

Do you teach children who are reluctant artists?
Or have no confidence in drawing or painting?

There is a solution!

Before you start your Art Day show these FREE motivational videos. Children will realise they can draw, and no one in the world draws as they do – something to be really proud of.

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Art Support Materials

Easy Drawing Tutorials to enhance your Pablo Picasso Lesson Plans

Why not enhance your art lessons with our easy drawing and painting tutorial videos, especially designed for children. All the basic steps are covered; sketching, measuring, tonal drawing and shading in a simple step by step approach. Before you know it, they will be drawing bottles and still life like Pablo Picasso himself.

Planning your Picasso Project

Start your art project with a showing of ‘10 Facts you did not know about Pablo Picasso’. This will set the scene for your art day. Follow this with the easy drawing tutorial displayed here to show the children how to draw bottles from different angles in the same space. The video goes on to explain how to select certain lines to create the composition. Stop/start the videos as required so children can follow the drawing process.

Set the task of the children drawing their own version of bottles based on their drawings from the video, or preferably ones they have drawn from real bottles, watch them produce their own wonderful creative final drawing.

Using the final drawing as reference, encourage the kids to sketch out their idea in paint on a large sheets of paper and restrict the colour scheme. Focus the children’s ideas on shape and using colour tonally.

* Children will require sketchbooks, or at least 3 sheets of A3 paper for the drawing workshop

* For the painting sessions children will need a paper plate each for colour mixing and one paper plate between two for the paint. They will need an A3 or (be bold A2) sized sheet of cartridge paper to paint on. Perhaps get the kids to stand when they are painting.

* Colours required: I would suggest two primary colours plus black and white, but that is up to you.

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