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Children often don’t realise they can compose a picture just like they can compose a story. Understanding a little about composition could make a child’s painting much more coherent. Why not download our FREE Art Worksheet on How to Compose a Picture and enhance your students paintings?


Colour Wheel

Younger children can find the basics of colour mixing rather difficult. This worksheet covers; primary colours, secondary colours and complementary colours and how to create tints and shades simply. For more detailed information see the video below. Improve you students understanding by downloading this FREE Art Worksheet.


Colour Theory

Older art students need a basic understanding of colour theory, especially those studying GCSE and A Level art courses. Colour relationships and how colours are affected by colours around them is covered in this worksheet. More details in the video below. Improve your students knowledge by downloading this FREE Art Worksheet.


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Other Art Support Material

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  • Looking for background art history information? Check out Art History Notes for artist’s biographies and art movement information
  • Look at my YouTube Channel for more information of drawing and Painting tutorials designed for children.
  • Need a short video of the life of a famous artist to get your art lesson off to a great start? See Other Artist Videos for details.