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These short artist videos are less than 15 minutes in length. The principle aspects of the artist’s life are covered in a way children will understand. The tutorials discuss the artist’s life, motivations and achievements and their painting. Why not have a look at one now?

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Vincent Van Gogh

This short artist video covers 10 important incidents in the life of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh started life as a teacher, an art dealer and a preacher before beginning to paint at the age of 27. The ear cutting episode, the creation of the sunflower paintings and his mental decline, are all covered in this short artist tutorial.

Claude Monet

This short artist tutorial explores the long and interesting life of Claude Monet, the French Impressionist painter. Many elements of Monet’s life are covered in the video, from his early caricatures created in Le Havre in the 1850’s, through to the great Impressionist era of the 1870’s. The video concludes with his great water lily paintings produced in Giverny during the last 30 years of his life.

Pablo Picasso

Some fascinating aspects of Pablo Picasso’s long life are explored in this short artist tutorial. Pablo was a child prodigy – he could draw and paint brilliantly – completing 5 years at art school by the age of 18. The video discusses his paintings, and Guernica in particular. It also mentions his female companions such as Olga Khokhlova, before briefly discussing his Blue Period and Cubism. It also suggests why Picasso is regarded as a genius.

Henri Matisse

The French artist and painter Henri Matisse started painting late, after training to be a lawyer. This short artist tutorial explains his three attempts to get into the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. His meeting with Andre Derain and Maurice Vlaminck led to the creation of Fauvism. Colour was his passion and his paintings are comfortable and easy on the eye. Later in life he produced cutouts, that we see today as amazing collages.

Wassily Kandinsky

10 important elements of the life of Kandinsky are covered in this short artist video. He was trained as a Law professor before his move into the arts. His meeting with Gabriele Münter, his investigations into colour and his move towards abstraction and abstract art are discussed. Music influenced his painting and his work with the Blue Rider, together with his teaching at the Bauhaus, are all covered. He died in obscurity in 1944.

Henri Rousseau

The French naïve painter, Henri Rousseau, was born in Laval in France and worked for a solicitor when he left school. In this short artist tutorial we follow his life from when he joined the army in 1863 to moving to Paris. In 1868 he married Clemence Boitard, before getting a job as a tax collector. He claimed he didn’t start painting until he was 42, but evidence shows him painting in the Louvre at least 2 years earlier. He was totally self-taught.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol the American Pop artist is covered in this short art tutorial. A controversial artist, Andy used everyday objects such as soup cans, brillo boxes, cartoons, and comic strip characters as the basis of his work. Obsessed with Hollywood he created lots of celebrity portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and Richard Nixon amongst others. The video covers his early life in Pittsburgh to his death in New York in 1987.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe the American artist known for her close-up paintings of flowers, is explored in this short artist tutorial. Tracking her life from her humble beginnings in Wisconsin, to the remarkable paintings she produced in Abiquiu, New Mexico this short artist tutorial tracks her life. This indomitable woman was one of the pioneers of American Modern Art. She died in 1986 aged 98. Watch our short artist videos to find out more.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt life began in Baumgarten in Austria. This short artist tutorial covers the prodigious talent that led to him becoming the first president of the Viennese Secession. Best known for his portraits his life was not without controversy. He painted women in a very decorative style combining geometric decoration with realistic depictions of hands and faces. Klimt died in Vienna in 1918 just 55 years old.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was an amazing artist. Her work explores issues that affected her personally with honesty and integrity, which is why her paintings are held in such high regard. She was born in Coyoacan, Mexico City in 1907 and died in 1954 aged just 47. She contracted polio when a toddler and was involved in a major traffic accident when in her teens. Both events had a profound effect on her life and work.

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was a man with two conflicting traits to his temperament that had a great influence on his painting. One was a sense of feeling for rhythm, which was reflected in his interest in music, particularly jazz. The other was his love of order and balance. These two conflicting qualities ebbed and flowed throughout his career, but found resolution in his later abstract paintings, eg. Broadway Boogie Woogie

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch art was full of love, angst and death and was much influenced by his upbringing. His mother died when he was five and one of his sisters when he was 14 years old. Another sister had mental problems and all proved to be a rich source for his painting. His most famous work was, ‘The Scream,’ but his greatest achievement was ‘The Frieze of Life’, watch our short artist videos to find out more.

Ferdinand Hodler

Ferdinand Hodler was born into a poor family and by 18 was earning a living painting scenes of the Alps for tourists. Initially, he painted in a very vigorous realistic style, but his work was also influenced by his own spiritual crises, Symbolism and Art Nouveau. His work embodies the Swiss federal identity, because his best-known paintings feature characters doing everyday jobs, rather images of dignitaries.

M. F. Husain

Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain, known as M. F. Husain was a very creative, controversial and flamboyant artist who combined Indian themes with European styles of painting. Born in Pandharpur, he worked in India most of his life, but spent his last days in Doha and London. He his best known for his series of paintings on Mother Theresa, Gandhi and the Ramayana, one of the two epic poems of India.

Marc Chagall

Russian artist Marc Chagall was born in 1887 in Vitebsk. In 1915 he married Bella Rosenfeld who became the love of his life, she also was the subject of many of his paintings. Hence his nickname, the painter of love. He lived and worked in the USA and France and during his latter years produced many stain glass windows for cathedrals in Germany, France and the USA. He died in 1985 aged 97.