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Mick Jagger – Andy Warhol
What is Art?
Art is very much like life it can be wonderful, frustrating, beautiful or ugly, uplifting and challenging. Is art simply what an artist produces?  Or is there more to it? What about Creativity? Inspiration and Virtuosity? Art, intrinsically, is worth nothing, but can sell for millions and why do we fill galleries full of art for thousands of people to look at and enjoy? Art is fascinating because it is created by humans.
Tha Artist
The artist can be seen as  an oddball characters like Michelangelo, who lay on his backs for years painting a ceiling. Or Damien Hirst  who chops up cows and calls it art. The artist may even go as far as cutting off their own ear as Van Gogh did in the pursuit of creating art.

But artists also have their own vision of the world, they encourage to view the world from a different perspective. They challenge our beliefs, our views, our attitudes and attack our complacency. Artists create works of art which in themselves are worthless, yet we put great value on them. These works are often seen as the pinnacle of human achievement and appeal to our feelings.

art education and good teaching


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03 Jul 2019Paul Priestley
Drawing ideas - drawing with a stick


Drawing Ideas for Older ChildrenArt teachers why not give these ideas a try. Art lessons are always exciting and stimulating. What is Successful Drawing? Successful drawing is essentially about confidence, perseverance and developing drawing skills. All of which are greatly influenced by a student’s attitude to what you produce. I taught ... Read More
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6 year old painting


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Learning to DrawDuring my time as an art teacher and when I ran my own company providing art workshops in school, the phrase I came across in every classroom I visited was, ‘I can’t draw’. After the phrase was uttered, the child would often produce little, or draw with ... Read More
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Painting by Roberto Bernardi


It looks like a Photo, it must be ArtHow often have we heard someone dismiss a piece of art because it doesn’t look like a photograph? Conversely, because an art work looks like a photograph doesn’t make it art. It is almost as if a work of art ... Read More
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draw bottles creatively


Your Kids can produce Creative Drawings Drawing is the fundamental basis of all art forms including painting. Drawing an object lets us understand it, and learn about it’s structure. We can understand how light falls upon it and plays tricks with our perception. Picasso once said, ‘ I do ... Read More
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Painting Picasso faces


Why use Picasso in your Art Lesson? Pablo Picasso was like a bull, very strong willed, always looking for new challenges and never satisfied with his achievements. He had an insatiable appetite for creating new ideas and for loving the many women in his life. At the age of ... Read More
29 Dec 2016Paul Priestley
Year 8 girls painting Van Gogh


Why use Van Gogh in Art Lessons? Vincent Van Gogh is a brilliant artist to inspire children in primary school. A classic example of the starving artist struggling for recognition. Yet despite his tragic life, he never gave up in his quest to become a great painter, despite selling one ... Read More
29 Dec 2016Paul Priestley