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The art teacher is unique in a school. He or she is the creative influence, not only do they serve the school in terms of providing stage sets, posters and a myriad of other creative aspects. But their main function is in the classroom with children. They develop children’s creativity, their means of expression and their manipulative skills. Art teachers also develop the skills of drawing, painting, sculpture etc. in children. With these skills they encourage children to create imaginative responses to problems and scenarios. Above all they get children to think laterally, which is a very important skill indeed.

6 year old painting


Check out my YouTube Channel for great Art History tutorials designed for schools Background Are you a primary/elementary school teacher who has to teach art lessons, but you are not an art specialist? Have you just been appointed art co-ordinator or art lead? Have you just started teaching and are a ... Read More
17 Oct 2017Paul Priestley