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6 year old painting


Are you a primary/elementary school teacher who has to teach art lessons, but you are not an art specialist? Have you just been appointed art co-ordinator or art lead? Have you just started teaching ... Read More
17 Oct 2017Paul Priestley
I can’t draw, YES you can


During my time as an art teacher and later, when I ran my own company providing art workshops in school, the thing I came across in every classroom I visited was the phrase, ‘I ... Read More
22 Sep 2017Paul Priestley


A discussion you may have with young people How often have we heard someone dismiss a piece of art because it doesn’t look real? It is almost as if a work of art has to conform to ... Read More
05 Feb 2017Paul Priestley



Creative Drawing

Drawing is the the fundamental basis of all art forms including painting; drawing an object lets us understand it, know it and learn more about it’s structure, not to mention how light falls upon it and plays tricks with our perception. ... Read More
03 Feb 2017Paul Priestley
Picasso painting


Pablo Picasso was like a bull, very strong willed, always looking for new challenges and never satisfied with his achievements. He had an insatiable appetite for creating new ideas and for loving the many women in his life. At ... Read More
29 Dec 2016Paul Priestley
Year 8 girls painting Van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh is a brilliant artist to inspire children in primary school, a classic example of the starving artist struggling for recognition. Yet despite his tragic life, he never gave up in his quest to become a great ... Read More
29 Dec 2016Paul Priestley


Having taught in secondary schools for many years before setting up my own art business, I have learnt a great deal about teaching art to children. Now my art business takes me into many primary schools where I meet a lot ... Read More
01 Aug 2016Paul Priestley