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So many times in an art lesson a child will exclaim, ‘I can’t draw’. How does the art teacher combat such a claim? It often arises from a lack of confidence on the part of the child, so this is what has to be addressed. Children have to understand that what they draw, paint and create is unique to them. Encourage them to feel proud of their own achievements. Point out that art is not a competition, its about an individual response to the world.

Artists are individuals, they don’t copy others work and styles they seek a personal expression. We ‘buy’ into an artist’s individual work. No one will value the work of an artist copying a Van Gogh when you can see the real thing.

I can’t draw, YES you can


During my time as an art teacher and when I ran my own company providing art workshops in school, the phrase I came across in every classroom I visited was, ‘I can’t draw’. After the phrase was uttered, the child would often produce little, or draw with such little ... Read More
22 Sep 2017Paul Priestley