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If an art lesson is to be successful it has to be well planned, focused and be stimulating for children. There has to be a balance between  successful class management and creating situations, in which children can think for themselves and be creative. Getting the balance right is one of the great skills of an art teacher in schools. The art lesson may focus on developing skills like drawing, painting or printmaking. It may also aim to develop creativity by challenging children with different scenarios.  Enabling children to express their world in the way they see it. Lessons in art will also teach children to respect materials and use them appropriately.

6 year old painting


Check out my YouTube Channel for great Art History tutorials designed for schools Background Are you a primary/elementary school teacher who has to teach art lessons, but you are not an art specialist? Have you just been appointed art co-ordinator or art lead? Have you just started teaching and are a ... Read More
17 Oct 2017Paul Priestley