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The art coordinator is the person that sets the standards for teaching art in a school. This person leads the development of the subject and offers advice to other teachers who may be teaching art. The art coordinator also looks after and orders resources for the art department. This person may also show others how to use the materials in an engaging, creative and  suitable manner for which ever age group is being taught.

6 year old painting


Check out my YouTube Channel for great Art History tutorials designed for schools Background Are you a primary/elementary school teacher who has to teach art lessons, but you are not an art specialist? Have you just been appointed art co-ordinator or art lead? Have you just started teaching and are a ... Read More
17 Oct 2017Paul Priestley


My Background Having taught in secondary schools for many years before setting up my own art business, I have learnt a great deal about teaching art to children. Now my art business takes me into many primary schools where I meet a lot of art co-ordinators. Unlike their secondary school ... Read More
01 Aug 2016Paul Priestley